"I love my sugar scrub and body butter. My skin hasn’t been this smooth and quenched in years. The scrub is exfoliating my skin and erasing scars I thought I would have forever. I couldn’t be happier and more confident in my skin!”
— Jennifer M

“I like my products how I like my people NONTOXIC! Switched from Dove products to Soul Sista Body Essentials and couldn’t be happier! My body is so smooth & glowing afterwards!”
— Carly Rosee

"Awesome!!! I purchased Lavender Body Scrub, Mango Body Butter and the Jasmine hair and body Oil. My skin felt moisturized, silky and refreshing!! You can’t go wrong with these products. I reordered for Christmas gifts. I highly recommend."
— JJ Sims

"I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love allll my stuff!!! I finally took a bath with the Love Spell bath stuff...the fact that I kept smelling the flowers over and over again!!!!!!! I felt soooo relaxed!!!!"
— Corlita Silvera

"When you get that shipment in of Soul Sista Body Essentials it's like Christmas in March! Look at all the pretty colors, and they smell just as amazing! I know a few people that received their shipment within the past few days. Their comments have been: Professionally packaged. Great smell. I love the way it makes my skin feel. I placed an order. So don't just take my word for it, take theirs too."
— April R. Gray

“These Soul Sista products are simply amazing. The body butter just melts right into my skin and keeps me moisturized the entire day. The scrubs take away all the dead skin and leave my skin soft and supple. I am in love.”
— Jackie E.

"The Jasmine Hair and Body Oil is my favorite so far!"
— Kenyetta Hardy